Sale of ostrich feathers for the decoration of parties, carnival costume

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Sale of ostrich feathers for the decoration of parties, carnival costumes and many others.    Ostrich feathers are the most elegant and luxurious feathers available.    Using only one or two ostrich feathers, you can change the whole look of anything, such as to decorate headband hats, flap bands or as a single pen in a wedding pen. Ostrich feathers are spectacular as showgirl headdresses, and large feather fans.    Ostrich feathers are very popular in the industry of special events, as a staple for centerpieces, feathered palms.      We also have:  Feahter of chicken, Ostrich feather, Peacock feather, Turkey feature, Marabout feather, Pheasant feather, Duck feather, etc.  Fast shipping via DHL  Contact your whatsapp contact number. Whatsapp contact: 00237 653904740

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